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Dec 6, 2022

St Nicholas, Exemplar of Shepards *St Nicholas & Anti-Christian Persecution *St Nicholas vs. Arius *The St Nick We Used to Know *St Nicholas vs Santa Claus

Dec 5, 2022

St Nicholas and Conquering All Scandal through HOLY Fear of the Lord *Is Advent just Four Weeks on The Calendar? *Why St Juan Diego?

Dec 4, 2022

 The Teaching of Jesus Christ - The Mystery & Worship of the Eucharist

Dec 3, 2022

David & Goliath and Facing Fear *The Sign as Deep as the Netherworld and High as the Sky

Dec 2, 2022

See That You Be NOT Troubled *Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? *We Need to be Vigilant this Advent *Spiritual Blindness