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Nov 30, 2022

St Andrew the Mediator * The Apostle Andrew- Preach the Gospel! *St Andrew - Love of the Cross *We Must Nourish Our Souls Through Prayer and Exercising Holy Virtues *St Teresa Would Probably Say this to a Young Lady Entering the Convent Today

Nov 29, 2022

Will Our Eternity Be Meaningful or Meaningless? *Politicians Can't Save Us *Now is the Time to Be Prepared

Nov 28, 2022

Advent Wreath, Fire, & Judgment *St Damasus and Advent *Eternal Life Preserver, State of Grace *Advent a Time of Grace

Nov 27, 2022

Be Prepared Whether He Returns in 5 Minutes or in 5,000 Years *Prepare with Prayer *Advent is a Time of Active Waiting *Waiting for Christmas

Nov 26, 2022

20 The Teaching of Jesus Christ - The Eucharist: Source & Summit