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Jun 25, 2024

 Cast All Your Anxiety on Him *The New Ark *Why June is Humility Month

Jun 24, 2024

St John the Baptist & the Beautiful Sacrament of Marriage *He Must Increase I Must Decrease *How did St John the Baptist Resemble Our Lord *St John the Baptist Teaches Us Humility

Jun 23, 2024

St Anthony of Padua a Powerful Intercessor *St Anthony & the Hunger for the Most Blessed Sacrament *A Forerunner Against Modernism *St Anthony Learned Humility *St Anthony Saw God Everywhere

Jun 22, 2024

Sts John Fisher & Thomas More - The Role of Conscience *Be a Man for All Seasons *The Restoration of Mary's Dowry *St Thomas More Integrity & Intelligence

Jun 21, 2024

St Aloysius Gonzaga and Purity *Get Into an Upward Spiral *Why Do Holy People Need to Do Penance *Thank God for Giving Us a Personal Knowledge of Himself *St Aloysius Gonzaga- The Angel Saint